Friday, August 22, 2008

Mini Golf at the Walker Art Center

I'm at home in Minneapolis for 10 days. Today I played mini golf on the Artist Designed Mini Golf course at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Each hole is a sculpture designed by a different artist. Obstacles included dozens of dangling water bottles, a sculptures of Theodore Roosevelt and Paul Bunyon (think wilderness conservation), and pinball machine powered by an old bicycle that you got to pedal on.

Our group included a '96 Junior League alumnus (me), an '03 Junior Club Champion (Lindsay, photographed with her trophy right), and a National Park Ranger (Neal). Naturally, the game got competitive. I got third place, shooting 28 (I had a lot of stroke penalties, and one dangerous fore), Lindsay got 2nd place shooting a 22, and Neal got 1st place shooting a 21.

The last hole (below left) was a cylinder whose mirrored top appeared to have an oddly shaped hole. If you look at the hole from the correct angle and bend down a little bit, you could see that the hole was actually a monkey's silhouette whose eyes were made up of holes on the side of they cylinder. Not sure if that makes sense, but it was pretty rad. If you got a hole in one on that hole you'd get to hear a chiming melody (which I did).

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