Friday, August 8, 2008

merry olympics!

Aside from NBC's extensive TV coverage, they'll be streaming 2,200 hours of live coverage at Here's a schedule to keep in mind (from the LATimes))

Sunday: Basketball -- The U.S. men play host China, led by Yao Ming.

Aug. 16: Swimming -- If Michael Phelps does as well as expected, this could be the day he breaks Mark Spitz's record by winning an eighth gold medal in a single Olympics.

Also, Track and Field -- The men's 100-meter final to crown the World's Fastest Man.

Aug. 19: Gymnastics -- The final night of the women's individual-event competition.

Aug. 21 and 23: Soccer -- The women's gold-medal game, followed two days later by the men.

Aug. 23 and Aug. 24: Basketball -- The gold-medal games, women first.

For complete TV/Online listings check out NBC Olympics Schedule.

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Pan Tostado said...

I'm so pumped for sprints. Remember Michael Johnson's gold Nikes? They musta costed like 300 dollars.

Somebody in Beijing should get the crowd hip to a low-murmur chant that explodes into an explosive anthemic chant while the sprinters get loosened up and finally line up at the gate. It would go from barely audible eerieness into adrenaline-spiking pandemonium. I think that would REALLY set the mood. Picture it:

Worlds Fastest Man. Worlds Fastest Man. Worlds Fastest Man. Worlds Fastest Man. Worlds Fastest Man! etc etc.

Too bad China and chants have such a suspect past.

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