Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glen Baxter

Avid New Yorker reader that I am -- er, rather, aspire to be-- I was happy to learn more about Glen Baxter, longtime cartoonist for the NYer & Vanity Fair. Per Wikipedia, "Baxter was born in Leeds in 1944 and trained at the Leeds College of Art. His images, and their corresponding captions, fuse art and language inspired by pulp fiction and adventure comics with intellectual jokes and references. Baxter's simple line-drawings often feature cowboys, gangsters, explorers, and schoolchildren, who utter incongruous intellectual statements regarding art and philosophy."

You can check out a bunch of his work at GlenBaxter.com. I came across some choice pieces at the online outpost of the Adam Baumgold Gallery (74 East 79th St NYC). Definitely worth a jaunt this weekend for an in-person perusal.

I wonder how he works through these pieces. Does he come up with the drawing first? The caption? Hrrrmmm...





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