Saturday, August 30, 2008

Entourage Air

this fall you can turtle-yourself, fly high, and throw high fives like vince and the boiiiis. Virgin America is teaming up with HBO and offering the royal Entourage treatment on flights from NY to Vegas. for $2218 you can wrap yourself in an Entourage Air blanket, munch on Godiva truffles, sip bubbly, and watch new episodes of Entourage while en route to Vegas.

so here's what you get (officialy)
Plane Icon Free episodes of Entourage on RED**
Plane Icon Noise Canceling Headphones***
Plane Icon A glass of signature champagne***
Plane Icon Godiva truffles***
Plane Icon Kiehl's Since 1851 Perennial Favorites Travel Set***
Plane Icon Altoids***
Plane Icon Entourage Air blanket and eye mask***

the inaugural flight takes off September 4th accompanied by a swanky soiree. god Richard Branson is suuuuch a dude...especially for 58. book your flight here. if anyone flies ENTOURAGE AIR please send us a photo!

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Ultramafic said...

2 g's and all you get is a glass of champagne?? shit thats a long flight, at least throw in a couple forties.

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