Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do It Twice: Moulinex & Pineapples

Moulinex's cover version of Pineapples "Come On Closer" off of Buffetlibre's Rewinded Mixtape has become a de facto ML jam. I downloaded the tune around the time when the mixtape hit the blogs, and, as often happens, never really gave it a solid listen. To my misfortune, I have only now come to realize its excellence. I take particular enjoyment in the way that the dark synth bass line contrasts with the vocals..and the way it inspires visions of dancefloor grandeur.

That said, I tracked down the original Pineapples version and it's comparably disco-tastic, although I'd say the female vocals on the Moulinex cover really do it for me (I find it hard to articulate the qualities that I like in this type of voice, but a simple listening should explain all).

Given the inferiority (or just plain shittiness) of the vocals in the original version, I'm only posting the instrumental dub (sorry about the quality).

Moulinex- "Come On Closer"
Pineapples- "Come On Closer" [Instrumental Dub]

And would you believe it? The original artist had but 18 years to speak of at the time he cut this track. Here's an interview - in semi-broken English - that I tracked down:

via The Red Room.

How did you come about to produce a disco track at the tender age of 18?

Roberto: I was trying to make
music as a real job from the age of 14. At 18 when "Best Records" released "Come On Closer" it was a huge success in the italian and french clubs and radios, so i left immediately the University (i was studying architecture) to continue the job of artistic Record Producer.

Who is Douglas Roop? Contrary to most italian disco productions he has a decent accent which makes us believe he is in fact American.

Roberto: Yes, he came from Texas, in 1983 he was in Naples (my city) working as a soldier in the NATO base (south Europe Nato headquarter) in Naples.

Are you aware that "Come On Closer" was a big track in the early Chicago House scene and was of great influence to Dj's like Mickey Oliver?

Roberto: No, I absolutely don’t know nothing of this, I really LOVE this Music period and i’m really fascinated from Your info about this situation, and is funny for me remember at that time the old italian house djs always criticized my old productions “that was too commercial and euro oriented”, but the fact was that I reach the USA sales charts Billboard 3 times with my “too much euro oriented” productions, and many many times the Japanese, UK, French, Italian, Holland etc. sales and club charts.

What was the italo disco scene like for you in the 80's?

Roberto: In the 80’s - but above all in the ‘90 -, Italo Disco scene was for me a great “place” to have fun, make money, trip around the world and have a lot of good sex (with the disco club professional dancers...). Now that everything is death here in Europe, i find the same old good energy and things in the Caribbean Music scene.

Good for you! One for the gear-freaks: What equipment did you use to produce "Come On Closer"?

Roberto: Only 2 gears! An old Oberheim Drum Machine and all the sounds with my analog keyboard Korg Polysix, WITHOUT A SEQUENCER, everything played by my hand in real time. We record the project in an old and ugly studio in Naples on a 3M 24-track Tape Record Machine and an old '70 mixer made in Italy. "Come on Closer" was the first dance record success produced in Naples and in the south of Italy.

What was you motivation for recording disco tracks? We read in your bio that you also played in more aggressive punk/rock bands.

Roberto: I’ve thousands and thousands of records vinyl and cd of every kind of music, in 22 years i’ve released eurodance, house, italian hip hop, pop topseller italian Artists... maybe You remember this old song that says:... I love music, every kind of Music...


Madame Lamb said...

i love this song...and that top right graphic is dope

Anonymous said...

beautiful, dreamy, emotional.

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