Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brian May (of Queen)'s Astrophysics Thesis

Congratulations to Brian May, the founder/lead guitarist of Queen, who just completed his doctoral thesis* in Astrophysics. May took a 30-year hiatus from his Astrophysics studies in Zodiacal light to rock out with the band.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my years playing guitar and recording music with Queen, but it's extremely gratifying to see the publication of my thesis," May said. "I've been fascinated with astronomy for years, and I was happy to finally complete my Ph.D. last year and record my studies of the Zodiacal Light in this book."

I always knew there was something magical and zodiacal about those harmonies.

*May's thesis examines the mysterious phenomenon known as Zodiacal light, a misty diffuse cone of light that appears in the western sky after sunset and in the eastern sky before sunrise. Casual observers, if they live under very dark rural skies, can best see the light two to three hours before sunrise as they look east, and many people have been fooled into seeing it as the first sign of morning twilight. A Persian astronomer who lived around the 12th century referred to it as "false dawn" in a poem. (via Space.com)

Read more about Brian May's thesis atBuzzFeed

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Anonymous said...

Cosmology- cosmophysics-graceliana-autocosmo.
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The universe is an alive and dynamic system of production and
estruturação, where it produces its proper energy for its
functioning, estruturação and dynamics, being that the energy
magnifies to the ratio that goes carrying through its functioning, and
is a stream system, where the same interaction that produces the
elements chemical, produces the astros for fusing. E also produces
fields, maser, high temperatures, dynamics, orbits, structures of the
astros, and the removal in the universe. Or either, it is a producer
of itself, its structure and its functioning. Thus, it is a constant
production of integration and disintegration.
With this, it can be deduced that the universe does not possess an
origin determined in the time, much less in some place of the space,
and it does not possess an origin determined in the estruturação of
the substance and the astros that compose it. However, it has infinite
age, therefore the dense space always was there and producing energy,
substance, until arriving the astros.
Of contraction for the dense space. Of removal for the maser.
Of aglutinação for the material of the maser.
The universe passes for streams while it produces the chemical
elements in the interactions of nuclear fusing in the center of the
astros, where produces energy when processing the physical
interactions and to produce its structure of astros, orbits and
If the related movement this with the maser, high
temperatures, and physical interactions in the inward of the astros
that are untied in the dense space to develop its dynamics. Soon the
movement is natural and dynamic, and varies as the situations of
energy production where if it finds astro. E if the dynamics obey a
stream, then the movement is dynamic, disforme and variable.
Dense space produces the substance, while the produced substance
already produces the astros and the chemical elements go being casting
in the secondary stars and.
The substance is filaments of the contracted dense space, that
go to structuralize the chemical universe in substance, astros,
elements, maser, high temperature, and in the dynamic auto universe.
The universe is auto dynamic and while it produces the energy
the physical interactions go being processed, and the maser acting and
spreading the substance, the astros are in dynamics for the proper
energy and maser, the chemical elements evolve and if they improve,
improving the substance and structuralizing the universe, cosmo if
contracts for the dense space, and if it widens for the action of the
maser, then the universe is alive and auto dynamic.
The time does not exist, what it exists is the timer of the
memory marked for the functioning of the brain as conscience form of
that happens between intervals of events. We can consider the
secondary time as something, that it exists in function of the
functioning of the conscience produced for the functioning of the
brain. The speed of the timer of the man is the speed of functioning
of the human brain.
Thus, the dynamics of the universe is proceeding from the constant
maser, therefore that its widening if finds in decreasing progression.
E the astros had appeared of the aglutinação of the dense space,
while the maser and the high temperatures disintegrate the astros.
Soon in the future and this part and period of training of the
universe where in we find them the astros will be more cold and
Thus, the astros are untied and free in the space, and not imprisoned
for presumptions fields, where the rotation of the galaxies is minor
who the translation. While the substance appears of the dense space,
where the astros are produced, others is formed in other points of the
space, while the dynamics is common to all the astros and not only in
the galaxies. Test of this we have in the solar system. With this we
see that the widening is a constant production for the maser, and not
for supposed a great explosion. Therefore the same phenomenon that
produces the translation, rotation, orbits, also produces the
widening, therefore that the removal is gradual decreasing, it grows
gradually, however it has a percentage of decrease in the progression.
The universe will tend if to waste and if to dilute in lesser astros,
and with little energy, while in other parts it will initiate other
universes with the material of the dense space. The universe possesss
three basic forms of production 1 - structural, that it produces the
substance and of the form, 2-other of action who gives to life the
substance, that is the physical interactions, energy and maser in the
inward of the astros. 3 - of production of new astros and chemical
It is confirmed that the asteroids are not perfectly round,
therefore in its majority are a little flattened and prolongated. One
confirms that they are resulted of expelled tablets of material of
some planet or the Sun, being masses inteiriça and produced of one
alone moment, while planets and satellites are astros round, where if
confirms that it had a slow formation of overlapping of components of
its elementary schools expelled for masers. This if confirms that the
spherical ones had taken more time to form themselves, and confirms
the displayed theory here.
Third part.
The universe could not appear of a ball of energy or substance to blow
up, therefore it would appear to the question, of where this ball
appeared of substance, and how much time it was there before the
explosion, and what it formed it.
We see that the production of the substance and energy is a constant
process of nuclear fusing, evolution of chemical elements and
estruturação of new astros and galaxies in the space and other
constant phenomena that form our slow universe. Soon, the universe is
without beginning and end, in the time, the space, the materialization
and production.
The phase of the astrophysics and cosmofísica, that is of the
production of energy, maser and of the disintegration for maser and
the integration of material with little temperature in the space, and
where the peripheral astros had appeared.
If the universe had appeared of a great explosion the substance
already would exist before the universe, and this not and possible of
being, what we see in the truth is that the substance is part of a
slow process, as the formation of the chemical elements is slow, as it
is slow and constant the formation of the astros and the proper
One of the forceful tests of the slow formation of the universe and
its beginning of is for inside if closing on itself until becoming
materialized, and that the astros are constituted of layers with
greaters and minors densities, some layers ones on the others, and a
gradual cooling until the inward of the astros. Soon, the universe
would not appear of a point, of inside for is.
Thus, the universe for being a slow process, and of is for inside and
done of layers, evidences in the rotation and dynamics of Saturn
rings, as also in the structure of the atom, and in the structure of
the planet Land, or same in the atmosphere of the Land and Jupiter.
The substance and the universe are made of are for inside for the
dense space, and the astros also for the material of the maser.
A great explosion would not give beginning to the universe, therefore
it was itself the case already would exist before the explosion, and
what he would produce the structure and the energy to blow up.
The chemical elements also weighed are products of a slow process of
It has some universes. Of bubble of dense space, of energy of dense
space, and of the free substance in the space, and of the substance
estruturalizada in astros and the maser and high temperatures.
The fields, atoms, astros and proper cosmo as a whole are determined
by the energy and intensity of the physical interactions where they
meet as also the orbits, dynamic of the astros and atoms. Exactly the
evolution of the chemical elements and evolution of the substance and
astros and cosmo as a whole is resulted of the intensity of the
physical interactions and production of energy.
The stars shine thanks to the spontaneous nuclear fusing in its cores,
where light elements are transformed into chemical elements weighed.
We see in the universe that while stars diminish others blossom
everything this if it gives in a slow process of creation and hashing
in new elements and new astros.
With this cosmo if becomes the infinite in its origin and in the
production, we see that it has some types of older universes ones,
other new and other different ones, that it is created by a calm God,
constructing the cosmos, beings and souls for the good.
What it gives an appearance to have an immense expansion are the
translation and the rotation of the galaxies, in the truth the
translation is immensely bigger that the removal between the astros.
If the astros were if moving away straight-line for the age proposal
until from the universe, all the astros would be so distant here that
would be impossible to see nor the Sun, the more the red of Doppler
effect. One concludes that the universe is not in expansion, but yes
in translation and rotation, and a minimum removal billions of lesser
times of that any translation.
All the galaxies are if opening as a sunflower, or either, if moving
away from its center, and in translation and rotation therefore that
we have a notion of an immense expansion, however that is an
appearance of the effect of the translation and rotation of the
galaxies, therefore of the the opposite they would be infinitely
distant one of the others, being impossible to register its same
position or any form of light, even though of the Sun. A time that
possesss infinite origin and constant production.
Therefore we have notion of that all are if distanciando of the Sun,
therefore with rotation and translation effect Doppler for red is
registered with big intensity, and that it gives an appearance of that
the Sun is in the center of the universe, therefore the movement is
translacional and rotational of that of removal.
If the expansion was product of a great explosion the galaxies
infinitely distant and already would be parked in the space. Thus, for
being possible to detect the appearance of the galaxies and its
dynamics, it evidences that the universe did not originate from a
great explosion and nor the supposed expansion is product of a great
explosion, then the universe is infinitely old, and its supposed
expansion is origin and product of its maser, and is braked by the
dense space. E has left of that we detect as expansion is the
appearance of the translation and rotation of the galaxies.
With the time for the formation of the substance, with the time of the
evolution of the chemical elements, formation of the astros,
esferficação of the external structure of the astros, if see that
the universe is infinitely old, then if the supposed expansion is
related to supposed a great explosion would not give to detect the
existence of the galaxies in the space, therefore they would be
infinitely distant.
As also, of where the substance would appear to produce a great
The origin of the substance for the dense space, evolution of the
chemical elements, formation and esferificação almost that perfect
of the astros, layers of atmosphere and structure of the astros and
the existence of the galaxies it confirms the theory of the origin of
the universe for the dense space, the production of the universe for
the physical interactions and fusing. E the dynamics for the energy,
impulse for the maser and the physical interactions, as also the
cosmic brake of the dynamics of the astros for the dense space. Thus,
the universe was not produced at one alone moment in a great explosion
and also it does not meet in expansion, but yes in a minimum and
insignificant removal, billions of lesser times of that any speed of
translation and is easy to visualize.
If the planet Neptune has as many kilometers of removal of the Sun and
it it developed today until how many rollbacks around the Sun and with
that speed. This calculation serves for any astro.
Removal in km of the elementary school/number of rollbacks on the
elementary school * arc of
distancia in km of the translation = the approach value of one removal
astro since the beginning of its formation.
The ray of the Sun until the Land has 150.000.000 of km, being that I
circulate it in rollback it has 3,5 times approximately this ray, and
that the Land already gave 1.000.000 of rollbacks more than, or
either, to calculate the removal of the Land, have that
Amaltéia satellite if evidences that it folloies with its translation
the Jupiter rotation, as a son next to the mother.
This in only comes to confirm them the displayed one until here, that
the satellites if originate from filaments of gases of the atmosphere
of the planets, and that the translation if originates together with
the origin of the proper satellite, or same can be said that they
before exactly of being one astro already meet in dynamics.
The rotation of the elementary school espirala and condenses next to
the equator the atmosphere, where of this espiralamento of gases goes
to form new astros, that these gases already meet in translacional
dynamics and variation and density in its form and structure.
The gas that forms a spiral cinturão if processes and moves for one
alone point next to the equator, for two reasons, magnetism of astro
and centrifuga of rotation, where it goes to start to give beginning
to a sphere, that is the esferificação process that will become in
astro. To if forming it it will be distanciará giving condition other
successive ones that they will come if to structuralize.
Thus, the paths are,
1-Formação of the atmosphere for the maser, and shift of this
atmosphere on astro for the proper action of the maser.
2-Espiralamento of the atmosphere for the rotation of astro and shift
of the atmosphere, that if dislocates next to the equator.
3-Esferificação of this spiral atmosphere with translation.
4-A sphere beyond the translation and removal that already possuía,
also passes if to distanciar of the elementary school that formed it.
E the process continues, while astro if moves away and translada, also
starts to produce its rotation.
Therefore that amount of translation, removal and rotation depend on
all energy in processing of astro, that it goes to produce all maser
of astro in the space. E therefore that when aging all dynamics tends
to diminish, therefore already spent almost everything that could.
One confirms that the dynamics is proper of astro and proportional its
energy, and that the astros are free in the space, and this freedom
and maser make with that they move away themselves from its elementary
schools. Soon, if they move away themselves for maser cannot be
Tests of that the universe is processes of infinite estruturação.
What test that the universe if structure for a slow process is through
the esferificação of the astros and that the land to be formed of
core and layers, therefore test that the astros are formed of
overlapping of small materials that had been expelled by others.
Therefore if the universe was produced at one moment for a great
explosion the land alone would be formed by a inteiriço tablet. With
the esferificação and layers if test that the universe is billions
of older times of the one than if it thinks today.
E if is infinitely old and considering the speed and the appearance
for the observed red, with this if it concludes that we would not see
the sun and no star in the space, therefore the time that if finds in
speed they would be infinitely distant, and would not be capable to
observe none astro in the space.
Considerações on a theory of cosmology and astronomy.
A theory of cosmology and astronomy must be based on the general
universe, of the origin of the substance, of particles, origin of the
chemical elements and its estruturação, processing, and evolution,
nuclear fusing of the astros, maser, temperature, estruturação and
structure of the astros, the universe as a system in evolution in its
constitution macro, generality and micron.
What it is the universe. It is dense space, densificada substance,
processes and structure, streams and evolution, without beginning and
The structure of the dense space. As the gases that are light,
invisible and they float the dense space is millions of times less
False hypothesis of the great explosion. Everything before blowing up
first has that to be formed of some element, or some structure of
substance or dense space, then the hypothesis of the great explosion
is false.
On the cosmological time.
The cosmological time is the time that represents the energy and
processing in a system of astros.
Universe of lowermost processes.
What componhe and determines cosmo in its structure is its physical
production of particles and chemical elements and its evolution, in
the cores where the fusing estelares happens, or either, the universe
micron determines the macro and the generality, a system of galaxies
alone goes to confide conforms the intensity of physical processes
that are produced in the system. It will have chemical lights and
forms and streams, components, fusing in agreement the general
physical processing.
Of the multiplicity of the universe.
The universe is multiple, or either, is several in some periods of
training of origin, processing, estruturação, stream and
disintegration. It has origin for the density of the space that forms
the substance, later the energy and during the process he forms the
chemical elements and the astros.
Of the stream of the universe.
The universe if structure of are for inside [ for integration of the
dense space ] after inside for are [ for disintegration of the
substance ] for the processes and fusing of the substance and in the
cores of the astros. It comes back if to reintegrate forming astros
minors and with little energy, later if disintegrates in maser, and if
it reintegrates in astro, and the stream and processes it continues
until the substance if to become diffuse and with little energy.
As example if it has of the dense space and the substance, of the
substance to astro, the star that produces maser, that go to produce
planets, that goes to produce maser and atmosphere, that goes to
produce maser, rings and satellites, and the stream and estruturantes
and desistruturantes processes continue infinitely until the diffuse
Where it takes the substance to evolve and to produce the elements
chemical. Thus the universe is infinite and without definitive form.
Thus, the universe if finds in contraction and internal widening, but
not in expansion and yes in lowermost removal, if it finds in
translation and rotation, estruturação, streams and evolution of its
components. While some start its origin, others meet in streams and
processes, while others already meet in the final phase that is in
diffuse substance.
Nuclear Cosmofísica. Nuclear fusing.
The nuclear fusing of the stars keeps for a good time the temperature
of the astros, with this it makes with that the universe if processes
slowly, and can keep its stream and evolution of the substance and
chemical elements and helps it transforms it light elements into
heavy, and goes to produce the energy and dynamics of the astros, for
that secondary the most distant ones possess dynamic little and the
orbits are more irregular. Or either, satellites of planets, planets
of stars.
Thus, the universe and its stream and estruturação if must its
production of energy, as also the evolution of the elements and the
dynamics of the astros.
The energy production goes to also determine the layers and
esferificação of the astros. Not expansionista and not stationary
universe. Thus one confirms that the universe if finds in lowermost
removal and not in expansion, and it does not meet parked therefore
possesss rotation, translation, streams, evolution and other
Evolutivo. One meets in evolution in its structure micron and macro,
of the elements to the astros. E if eternalizes as substance with
diffuse density. He is not arched and nor straight. Comment. The
theory of the energeticidade and maser that deals with astronomy will
be presented in another text. With more than one hundred and ten
formulas proving the two theories, therefore use diameter, maser,
temperature, rotation and equatorial speed. Distancia E not use mass
or gravitation

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