Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Pictoral Journey West

Photographs of Maddy and Laurent's road-trip west from Saturday July 18th to Sunday July 27th, 2008. Looks like some good times were had.

itinerary: minneapolis >> south dakota >> wyoming (yellowstone) >> montana >> north dakota.

"Fievel Goes West" and "An American Tail"

Gardiner, Montana- home of the coolest bars and our good friend, Angel
Hot Springs in Mammoth. they smelled

Sturgis, SD. 2 weeks before the largest motorcycle rally in the country.

Bob the bison, the dude, the legend. leader of the pack.
good meat.

the most common animal in all of Yellowstone Park.... the Macaw

the 6 most important people in US history.
pig races red lodge, MT. #1 and #4 were all up in other pigs shit


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Larry Freakon said...

1: our "good friend" angel was a random 40 year old mexican who whopped our asses in pool at a dive bar in gardiner. he was a pretty cool guy so we did a bunch of shots and he took us around the local hang outs.

2: not pictured- the pile of 40 cars stuck driving behind bob the bison who didn't give a shit and continued slowly walking down the middle of the road - in other words: my hero.

3: i really am one of the 6 most important people in american history.

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