Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vivienne Westwood with a side of Duran Duran

Vivienne Westwood, who worked with Duran Duran in the 90s, fall 08 rtw collection is wild. Urban wild.

Vivienne, one of the few authentic rock n' roll gals left these days, asked 7 and 8-year-olds to paint on the clothes. Westwood told the children about the global-warming crisis, and asked them to paint uniforms for "a socity of jungle-dwelling eco-warriors". The final product a fiercely tailored line with patterns reminiscent of Basquiat, Miro, and sounds like Duran Duran's "Rio"....babe you're bird of paradise.

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Merkin Muffley said...

forget about duran duran. she'll forever go down in history as the chick who invented the punk image...johnny rotten auditioned for the sex pistols in her king's road boutique and the band was managed by one of the store's co-owners.

check it out:
Original(?) stuff on eBay

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