Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vito 'n Me

Snapped a picture of Vito today as I walked passed him on Columbus Ave. He called me a "fucking asshole" and gestured for me to come over. I came over and - sarcasm aside - had a delightful little chat. For the record, he turned out to a true gentlemen, a class act.

PT: I'm a huge fan.

V: You're a huge asshole. Just kidding. What's your name?

PT: Pan Tostado.

V: Pan Tosado? (pronounced perfectly)

PT: Yep.

V: Pan Tostado, would you like to take a picture with me?

PT: Yes.

V: Now, isn't this easier than snappin a picture of me from 10 feet away? How am I supposed to know you're not paparazzo?

PT: Yeah... sorry bout that.

V: It's ok.

PT: Cool. Wanna grab some Johnny Cakes*?

And so it went--

Mr. Gannascoli was at ABC promoting a forthcoming cook book. Checkitout.

* artistic license invoked


Madame Lamb said...

you dork ha

kmoriarty said...

look at the chick in the background...!

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