Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Virgins "Private Affair"

Below is The Virgins latest video for the single "A Public Affair". It parodies public access channel sex shows like The Robyn Byrd Show

Filter Magazine says:
Cloaked in retro 80s garb, their vintage sound matches the concept flawlessly. As they are introduced by a slick black man with a slight lisp and dark Ray-bans behind a cheesy hot pink fluorescent backdrop, The Virgins are seen acting anything but; the singer swings the mic between his legs and sprawls on the ground in tight red spandex while his bandmates salaciously rip their shirts off among other scantily clad dancers (plus one marine). The NSFW video is hardly pure, but it's hilariously 80s-tastic!

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LAM said...

i love the virgins!

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