Thursday, July 10, 2008


via Catbird: Could you write a Tumblrbot that randomly chose people to follow and unfollow, and, several times a day, just randomly reblogged items from them? And through these actions, would this bot eventually accumulate a large number of followers and people who felt like they really “got” the bot’s personality?

And if so, what does that mean?

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Madame Lamb said...

to clarify (i found both pan tostado and Catbird's geek jargon pretty dense)

say you create a program (a blogging robot, basically) that randomly picks up other people's blog entries and places them on their robot blog, and that blog accumulates a fan base with people who "felt like they really 'got' the bot's personality"

what would that mean?

it blows pan tostado&catbird's but they're not alone. there are a whole slew of dadaists (like hans arp) and other artists (elsworth kelly) who explored art and chance
...anyone see Color Chart? (check out ML's write up of it if not)

an interesting point, pan.

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