Saturday, July 26, 2008


i quit smoking cigarettes SIX days ago and am still truckingggg along. I think i'm passed the worst. I started smoking socially in 2004ish, and then both socially&antisocially in early 2006. I smoked anywhere from .6-1.5 packs/day throughout that time (aside from the month after a hypnosis incident @ 10KLF 2006. i won't get into details) So all in all, I smoked for about 31 months=930 days.=16, 740 cigarettes (weird).

Here are some of the things people recently said that sort of worked (people have been telling me nonstop since I started to quit, but it's easy to dismiss when it's an annoying comment)

  • "It grosses me out that you're having a cigarette in the morning"
  • david sedaris "letting go"
  • "smoking is another distraction for you, like your blackberry"
  • when i'd venture out alone to buy cigarettes /smoke: "why are you smoking right now its inconvenient and you're going out of your way to do something that is harmful to yourself?" (when I was going outside to smoke alone, going to buy a pack of cigarettes late at night, sitting in the cold having a cigarette, etc
  • your voice has dropped 2 octaves
  • I just watched footage of Peter Jennings while he was dying, of lung cancer. he could barely speak and it scared me.
but the tipping point was these CREEPy cartoon drawings on playing cards Ultramafic picked up from a deli last saturday night. At first glance they look like they're children's drawings but then I looked closer....(in the icky style of Garbage Pail Kids cards)

All 52 cards have different drawings. don't ask me why this worked, but for some reason these two cards are forever engrained in my mind. I woke up Sunday and just decided to quit.

Real lambs don't smoke!

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LAM said...

Good job lamb!

I'm proud of you.


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