Wednesday, July 9, 2008

messing with the po-po

18-year-old Christian Phillips was arrested yesterday for delivering baskets of LSD laced cookies to about a dozen police stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He claimed to be donating them on behalf of MADD. At least three officers in one location got "sick" from eating the treats. In a different station, Lake Worth Chief Brett McGuire says the cookies were tested after officers became suspicious of their smell. I'd like to think that at least one department went to town on the cookies and tripped their faces off. Man would I love to have seen that.

In an unrelated story, Max Minnefield of Hartford, CT recently called local authorities after being robbed while trying to by some crack. He angrily told the police he paid a man $8 dollars for the crack but received nothing in return. Max was immediately arrested for criminal attempt to commit possession of narcotics...nice. At his arraignment, Judge Bradford Ward asked him, "Did you really think the police were going to go after the man?" After realizing that Max would likely attempt to answer his question, the judge quickly added that it was rhetorical. Luckily for Max, the charges were dropped.

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