Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mat Lipps

here are some of LA based artist Matt Lipps's cut-out prints. he places a cut-out photograph of himself inside each photograph. Lipp pieces present us with this sort of dichotomy of 2D/3D.

Sexuality has to be sophisticated. To have a good sex party, you have to be in the mood. That’s why I made this sound. A very attractive record and a very attractive world, because that’s my vision of sex, it’s very glamorous. Before, I did some ’70s-type records, but I don’t want to have ’70s sex. Too hairy.
You may have to be into dudes, or comfortable enough with your own sexuality to not be offended by penises to enjoy Lipps "70s" cutouts. they're hairy, and probably right up dov charney's alley. worth a click if you find the "hairiness" of 70s porn intriguging, disgusting, and silly all-at-once.

Note: 70s cutouts are NSFW (Pan Tostado just flipped out after I linked him to this at work)

Click here to see the 70s Cutouts


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