Thursday, July 3, 2008


"Man on the Moon, Future & Past" (via The Big Picture). Man I wish I was an astronaut...

December, 1972 - Apollo 17. Earthrise viewed from Apollo 17 (NASA)

December, 1972 - Apollo 17. Astronaut Jack Schmitt took this telephoto picture of the Lunar Module, seen from a distance of about two miles (3.1 km). For an idea of scale, the Lunar Module is about 24 feet tall (7 meters). (Image is a combination of AS17-139-21204 and AS17-139-21203 - credit: NASA)

April, 1972 - Apollo 16. Astronaut Charles Duke's family portrait, laid on the lunar surface. Pictured are Charles and Dotty Duke, and their sons Charles, 7, and Tom, 5. (NASA)

The Crew Mobility Chassis Prototype is NASA's new concept for a lunar truck. Researchers were trying it out at Moses Lake, WA, as part of a series of tests of lunar surface concepts. One feature is its high mobility. Each set of wheels can pivot individually in any direction, giving the vehicle the ability to drive sideways, forward, backward and any direction in between -- important if the truck becomes mired in lunar dust needs to zigzag down a steep crater wall or parallel park at its docking station. (NASA)

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