Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Joseph Szabo: the moment ends

Joseph Szabo is a righteous American photographer whose subject-of-choice is the ripening adolescent. Szabo photographed teens wherever he found them bopping (Rolling Stones shows, etc) from the 1950s-80s.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can get your hands on Szabo's book titled "Teenagers" (which Cameron Crowe also contributed to) or "Almost Grown" (which was named a "Best Book of the Year" by the American Library Association), sit down and crack it open like an ice cold beer. I'm willing to bet that you'll find the photographs strangely familiar, bittersweet, and nostalgic...like you're flipping through an old shoebox of photos you hid from your parents

I melteddddd for the first photo (top left), taken at Jones Beach in 1977...and what I would do for that swimsuit (top right)!


Merkin Muffley said...

i'm finding it hard to identify with any of these pics...they all remind me of dazed and confused.

Ultramafic said...

i would like to party with a lot of these people.

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