Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ghostly International

Came across an interesting albeit occasionally pretentious video on Current TV featuring the American electronic record label, Ghostly International. A lot of their tunage is pretty "ambient" - the hip alternative to classical for a massively efficient study sesh. But some of their stuff, particularly the track at 2:41 into the clip (maybe a Todd Osborn track?) got my head bobbin' with conviction. Even if the beats aren't for you, the Ghostly story, I'm sure you'll find, is pretty inspiring: cool dudes, gettin creative, gettin collaborative, gettin theirs.

If you're in Gotham and would like to catch Ghostly artists in action, you're in luck. Osborne plays with Depeche Mode writer/founder Martin Gore on July 24th at the beautiful Hiro Ballroom. Kate Simko takes a Spectral Residency victory lap at The Annex Matthew Dear breaks in new venue, Santo’s Party House on August 14th. To close out the summer, Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott tag team at the venerable PS1 Warm Up outdoor events. See ya there-- Tostado in the houuuse.


Anonymous said...

I think by Pat Osborne you mean Todd Osborne.. Good clip though.

Pan Tostado said...

ay mi error

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