Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dopeness

I saw "The Wackness" over the weekend. Many critics have panned it as a series of coming of age / 1990s cliches - and that's probably what it was for older folks. I however enjoyed the film very much, and I suspect others who grew up in 90s will enjoy it as well. Musically, there's a lot to recall from the summer of '94 - Cobain had just peaced, Biggie was on the come up, Tribe, Wu Tang, and Nas pumped out Quality beats & rhymes. White America propelled black music up the pop charts (booyah!).

"The Wackness'" soundtrack documents this time pretty well. If you can't catch the flick, at least take yourself back with some feel-good rap music (see below, censored tunes unfort). MLers, it's well time for a hip hop only / OE party. F electro for a minute --

Thus Spake Panathustra.

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