Monday, July 14, 2008

D. Billy | Smart Graffiti

Seems like everybody's bitin' comic books these days... Some interesting stuff, some terrible. But if anybody's doing it the right way (besides Chris Nolan, yeah yeah...), it's D. Billy, a talented, young DC- based artist whose onomatopoeic street graffiti recalls comic captions with a fanciful twist: most of his working materials can be found at your local birthday party!

Who knew streamers and balloons could be so fun? Besides this guy...

rrring (payphone) by d.billy

fooosh (hydrant) by d.billy

narnia by d.billy

crackle (speaker) by d.billy

d.billy's flickr set

(via DesignBoom)

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Homer119 said...

this is very cool.

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