Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Craig Wetherby's 1 Day Show on July 22nd

Craig Wetherby was born, raised, and still resides in NYC. Wetherby is a completely self taught photographer who started photographing his friends in 1992. Since then, and through his personal relationships, he's been able to acquire a STUPENDOUS & seemingly endless portfolio. Many of the world's most prominent musicians, athletes, artists, and entertainers have been photographed by Wetherby, including pretty much every hip-hopper you can name.

He's showing his work in an exhibition titled "The Good Life" on Tuesday, July 22nd @ Milk Gallery (450 West 15th Street, NYC) from 7-10PM for one day only, which sucks, but it'll make the ambiance of the gallery more fun.

Music at the event will be provided by hip-hop legends Prince Paul, Ricky Powell (aka Ricky the Rickster), and Smoke L.E.S.



The Good Life! Photography by Craig Wetherby

Tuesday, July 22nd @ Milk Gallery 450 West 15th Street, NYC

RSVP here: events[at]

photographs below: Prince Powell (NYC 2006), Fire Escape (Staten Island 1997), Ricky Powell (NYC 2005)

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