Thursday, June 5, 2008


For their senior prank last week, a hundred students at Nyack High School in upstate NY removed thousands of desks and chairs from classrooms and spelled out "2008" on one of the fields. Wow, that's original. A rogue group (obviously the cool kids) subsequently re-arranged the chairs into a giant penis and scrotums, unbeknownst to the first group.

Seventeen year-old Erin Cummings (he he), self-proclaimed leader of the "2008" team, was appalled the next morning upon hearing the news. Principal Daniel Nicholson says he authorized the "2008" shape, but assures the press he had nothing to do with the penis. That's a relief.

No senior prank in my mind can top that episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse helps DJ get Principal Rolarbard's '57 Chevy to the top of the schoolhouse. Damn that was a good one.

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