Thursday, June 5, 2008

chester french

Pharrel Williams' dernier cri is rock-pop duo "chester french ". the two '07 harvard alums have already been compared to the Beach Boys, collaborated with Jay Z, and been named artists to watch by Rolling Stone and Spin. they toured with minneapolis band "Spymob"*

"The Jimmy Choo's" is a favorite of mine. They're reminiscent of Vampire Weekend... with a nice LA tan. these two brahs have been keeping my foot tappin' all morning.

their highly anticipated album "Love the Future" should be out soon, though the release date has been pushed back a few times.

The Jimmy Choos - Chester French

IN LA? check out their debut show TONIGHT (june 5) at the Viper Room. missed them in NYC...rats! i'm sure they'll be back very soon.

be sure to check out my buzzfeed post on them for more links & info.

*spymob's drummer, Eric Fawcett, substitute taught me one day frosh year of highschool.



Homer119 said...

ah i would've went as a field reporter for ML, but they're sold out.

maybe i can scalp a set...

Anonymous said...

this song was featured on entourage last season. i forget the name of their most popular song (that is, their most played song on myspace). It is a good track, though I hope their album lives up to the hype that Pharell has created along with other hi-hop collosals.

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