Saturday, May 17, 2008

tennis fashion

Tennis Fashion by Diane Elisabeth Poirier

Looking at the fashion of tennis is like opening a window into culture and society. Tennis is the second most popular sport in the West, and over the last century it has become, more than any other, an important part of our society and culture. The remarkable impact of tennis is apparent in the record number of fans and spectators the sport has attracted in the thirty years since major tournaments have been broadcast live on radio and TV. As tennis comes of age with yet another museum devoted to it in Paris (inaugurated at Roland-Garros during the May 2003 championship), this journey through the history of tennis fashions sheds new light on the top sporting events of the 20th century, on the lifestyles that tennis brought into being and turns the spotlight on the most charismatic champions and the way they have influenced the fashions of their time.

available at Assouline.

this 2006 NYTimes article titled "Fashion Forward, With Forehand" is a good quick-read, too; it discusses fashion in the tennis world, and classifies the styles of some of the world's greatest tennis players.

“I would never wear sleeveless. They wanted me to wear the three-quarter pants too, but they can leave that to the other guys.”-Federer

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