Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Rock stars have and forever will be associated with cool. It’s their job to be cool. Or is it? How many rock stars actually are cool? It’s tough to say when you come to realize that the rock star’s job isn’t so much about being cool as much as it’s about appearing cool. You might be able to say this same thing about the painfully image-conscious friend, but it's the rock stars that stand atop this soaring manure heap of vanity. Enough bashing. It’s not easy to hate on a sweet look especially if it’s distinctive and original, so here are some of those looks.

Devo: Now here’s an awesome bunch of 80’s new wave nerds. Preeminently nerdy, Devo look fierce in their fire hydrant costumes. Kind of reminiscent of Kubrick’s droog uniform in gang mentality and straight quirkiness, but lacking in simplicity. Strength: hats, Weakness: no capes.

Bee Gees: Flaming but not gay, futuristic but seriously retro, the Bee Gees are a postcard of contradiction. Evidently took a note out of the Beatles’ wardrobe and threw in some sci-fi and South Beach for good measure. Strength: manes of chest hair, Weakness: guy on left doesn’t have the same goatee/moustache as others. (Note: the guy on the right looks a bit like Dobby out of the Harry Potter movies).

Daft Punk: The French electronic duo has expertly crafted giddups. With their leather scooter jackets and awesome helmets, they’ve got a nice 60’s Mod but from the future look going on. Strength: always in character, Weakness: probably doesn't breathe very well.

Keef: Look in the mirror dude—that AARP card will be in the mail very shortly. Gotta give him some respect though for staying strong. He obviously doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks, and if that isn’t cool then I don’t know what is. Strength: dedication, Weakness: dedication.

Jake & Elwood Blues (AKA Blues Brothers): Black suits, black ties, black fedoras and Wayfarers, these rock ‘n’ roll outlaws rocked the secret agent look righteously. This is a classic bluesman look that would later be appropriated by two-tone/rude boy skankers such as the Specials. Awesome sideburns too. Strength: all business, clean, and sophisticated, Weakness: not so original.

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