Tuesday, May 20, 2008

newspaper blackout poetry: new addition to my go-to arts and crafts

austin kleon is a poet slash artEEst most known for developing what he calls "newspaper blackout poetry", an experimental form of poetry in which he takes a permanent marker and scribbles out random words in a newspaper article (typically from the NYTimes, he says) until a poem forms. the end up product is random to say the least... some beautiful, some creepy, some totally bonkers. interesting nonetheless, and totally DIY friendly.

great sunday morning fun. and a wonderful thing to throw in your mary poppins bag of arts and crafts... think how magnificent of an exercise this could be the young ones!

the three below read, respectively:

"Away from home for a big season Thomas was in a mood to look back, way back. mystified by the way this house was a big box of odds and ends which he loved."

My Mini Fables
"in Texas i found myself thinking of all those people back in the world i was in if it's very exciting for them to hear of my mini-fables."

The Host of Romance
"A woman's bust is the host of romance so don't deplore my fondness for it."

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