Monday, May 5, 2008

new stereolab

i just last-monday-night-before-finals-de-stressed to some Stereolab who, turns out, released the first single off "Chemical Chords"(their first album in four years) a few weeks ago. dig the song really embodies the phrase "three women on chemical chords".

stereolab: three women

tim gain describes the album (via Pitchfork):

"The record is very, very chord-based, I find. Everything springs from the chords, and the chords sound very nice and very strong because they were originally played on vibes and piano. Everything sprung from that. My next idea was to keep everything kind of a bit shorter, quite dense. My idea was to make pop tracks in a dense style, perhaps something like Motown or the girl group sound. But have ideas coming at random or at tangents. Always keeping it in the pop thing, but dense, short. I think it was the instruments, the piano and vibes that helped. It's got more of a pop base than our most recent records. "

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