Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lookin' for aliens via twitter

just recently started following the Phoenix Mars Lander via twitter (Mars Phoenix)

The Phoenix Mission, slated for launch in August 2007, is the first project in NASA's openly competed program of Mars Scout missions. The mission's plan is to land in icy soils near the north polar permanent ice cap of Mars and explore the history of the water in these soils and any associated rocks, while monitoring polar climate. The spacecraft and its instruments are designed to analyze samples collected from up to a half-meter (20 inches) deep by a robotic arm. The arm extends forward in this artist's concept of the lander on Mars.


--Determine whether Life ever arose on Mars

--Characterize the Climate of Mars

--Characterize the Geology of Mars

--Prepare for Human Exploration


1) study the history of water in the Martian arctic

(2) search for evidence of a habitable zone and assess the biological potential of the ice-soil boundary.

here is video footage that MarsPhoenix took on Mars a mere hours ago.

here is the site Mars Phoenix directs you to so you get all the latest insider info.

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Pan Tostado said...

interplanetary tweets are the new text message.

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