Thursday, May 29, 2008


7 year-old Latarian Milton recently took his grandma-ma's SUV out for a spin to get back at his mom and impress his cigarette-smoking friend.  He took down two mailboxes, swiped 4 cars, and ended up totaling his granny's 'rango.  When asked if he knew that he could've killed someone, he responded, "yeah but hittin' cahs is fun and I wanted to do hoodrat stuff for my friend."  The grandma's reaction: "I wanna whip his behind, that's what I wanna do.  Right now."  Latarian thought a fitting punishment for his shenanigans would be no video games for a week....end.  

This kid's even more badass than Corey Worthington, who threw the infamous street party back in January.

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Madame Lamb said...

i love that hoodrat is one of the tags hahaha i was laughing like a little girl when i watched this and i was at work

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