Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Drugs seized from two Easthampton homes

this was being passed around amherst all day. Jennifer York, who was caught with 2lbs of marijuana, works (worked) at valentine dining hall. she used to make the basketball guys protein milkshakes and was always really nice and smiley. even her mug shot is smiley!

Drugs seized from two Easthampton homes

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) - On Thursday search warrants were executed at two houses in Easthampton by the State Police Narcotics Detectives from the Northwestern District Attorney's Office, the Easthampton Police Department, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to a news release from Detective Sergeant Popielarcyk, about two pounds of Marijuana, over $3,500 in cash, a small amount of Percocet, and prescription strength ibuprofen were seized.

Arrested at 78 West Street was Zachary A. Kraft, 17, charged with possession to distribute class D/Marijuana.

Arrested at 129 Loudville Rd. were Jennifer York, 26, charged with Possession of Class D/Percocet, and prescription strength ibuprofen, and possession to distribute class D/Marijuana; and Joseph A. Herzig, 20, charged with possession to distribute class D/Marijuana.

While some neighbors say they had their suspicions, others say it came as a total surprise.

West Springfield resident Ronald Bahre said, "I mean marijuana, you hear about it everywhere. I would have never believed it---not on this street."

Loudville Road resident Laurie Kieszek said, "A lot of different cars in the driveway---sometimes ten cars at a time at different hours and of course you don't want to think the worst, but we kind of just kept our eyes open. Unfortunately, it was something that we should have been more aware of."

Report by Jade Rivera

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andrew wetzel said...

"I would have never believed it - not on this street."

Why do people always say that?

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