Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cut Copy @ Studio B

MLers Pan Tostado, Self-Titled, and a few friends had the distinct pleasure of seeing Cut Copy live at Studio B last night. Alas Buck Dancer missed the event due to massive prep for a work presentation (seriously?).

Rarely my drink of choice, Haterade, but The Black Kids opened up with a truly JV performance. ML put it best when she said she felt like she was watching a band perform at that crappy bar from the OC. Ali Youngblood, sister of frontman, Reggie, didn't help matters with her jinx-em-at-the-free-throw-line magic fingers and contrived, flitty kisses to the audience. I foresee a Zack Attack-style falling out in the coming months.

On to the main course, Cut Copy absolutely exploded the club for about 90 mins, slamming through old hits and new. At the end of each song, they made sure to clearly express their gratitude to the audience for getting rowdy on a Tuesday night. Such class acts.

I enjoyed their set from start to finish - never a dull moment. We danced our faces off, bounced like pogo sticks, belted out those anthems, and sweated with the mob. After the show we said what up to Dan Whitford outside the club. ML snapped a photo with him; I slapped him five (hand remains unwashed) and told him he won.

(Re)live the show in all its grainy web 2 oh glory:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

For the rest of the show, peep DivineJudge's YouTube channel.

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Madame Lamb said...

unfortunately pan tostado doesn't totally "get" how to use his cell phone and deleted my photo with dan whitford a few seconds after taking it, que pena! was a righteous show nonetheless.

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