Friday, April 11, 2008

wax poetics

Wax Poetics lionizes that kind of nostalgia, from its reverent history-lesson writing style to its gorgeous vintage photography to its cover stars: classic names like Miles Davis, Slick Rick, Rick James, Mandrill, Too Short. It’s a godsend for hard-core audiophiles, but with immediate appeal for anyone who remembers the vinyl era, long before tapes, CDs, and certainly the cold, bloodless computer files that house our music now. “There is no aura to an MP3,” Torres notes.

A record—a warm slab of vinyl, round and thick and shiny and oddly comforting—is all aura. It’s music you can feel, smell, almost taste: “tactility,” Torres calls it.

“There’s a sort of ritual attached to listening to a record,” he says. “You open ’em up sometimes, the gatefold, and find weed from people rolling joints back in the old days.”

-Rob Harvilla (music editor, village voice)

**-check out the REDISCOVERED ALBUMS section, its an online music gem.


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