Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nuttin but a Z Thing

George Zimbel (b. 1929, Woburn, MA) has been a dogged documentarian of everyday life for the over a half century. As more and more photographs get digitally manipulated and massaged, Zimbel has remained a true photo documentarian-- "his commitment to the 'straight' photograph" has never wavered.

Zimbel is perhaps best known for his image of Marilyn Monroe's underwear a la The Seven Year Itch, but his portfolio is comprised of far more interesting photos from across the globe - France, Spain, New York City, Japan...

Putting aside my Francophilia for juuust a sec, here are some featured pics from Bourbon St, 1955. Looks like a place I could g-g-get down like James Brown.

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Madamelamb said...

anyone down for a road trip? NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE FESTIVAL
april 25-27 and may 1-4th

my dad bro& sis in law are all going together...which could be weird/crazy.

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