Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mk&a's april hip picks

April Flicks
mary-kate: "Shine a Light" on iMax
ashley: "Baby Mama" Amy Poehler is hysterical

Female Designer
mary-kate: Vivienne Westwood
ashley: Diane von Furstenberg

Spring Flower:
mary-kate: White Roses
ashley: Peonies and Cherry Blossoms

Skincare Must
mary-kate: Pat Wexler's skin care line is amazing
ashley: Darphin products are gentle and work well with my skin.

Obsession of the Moment
mary-kate: Vintage shopping for my apartment
ashley: yoga. I do it every morning

1 comment:

homer119 said...

how strange...i was just about to vintage shopping after my daily yoga shesh...

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