Thursday, April 10, 2008

Marcus Kinney

I've been a fan of Marcus Kinney's mixed-media stylings for a few years. His stuff is dense and provocative and sometimes surreal and shocking, and it almost always blows my gourd.

Kenney (b. 1972) hails from rural Louisiana and now lives and works in Savannah, GA. He has had solo exhibits all over the world, but his work is on always on display at the Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta.

Marcus sez:
“I will say that these works are about multiculturalism , youth culture, hip hop and fashion, the players club, 50 cent, puff daddy, over and out, gap, banana republic, dolce & gabbana and Salvadore Dali. The daily news the daily bread the young and the restless and as the world turns. Young Americans... black white puerto Rican everybody just a freaking… get your booty on the dance floor tonight...make my day!!!" (via Marcia Wood Gallery)



War on Terror:

I keep My Visions to Myself:

This is Us (who r we, what r we, where r we going)

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