Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Good Sex Pahty

Sexuality is Sebastien Tellier's third album. It's been hailed as "aural viagra"and "the best French album since Discovery." I've given it a listen and I have to concur -- this is the realdealHolyfield. Dude is definitely a weirdo / huge badass and he brings home le bacon with 11 solid tracks.

His new album is, yep, all about sex... but not in a vulgar way. Seb sez: "‘Sexuality has to be sophisticated. To have a good sex party, you have to be in the mood. That’s why I made this sound. A very attractive record and a very attractive world, because that’s my vision of sex, it’s very glamorous. Before, I did some ’70s-type records, but I don’t want to have ’70s sex. Too hairy.’"

Produced by the Guy-Man, who called Seb "maybe the best singer and composer in France today," Sexuality is a conceptual mishmash of frivolous and focused sounds and it sports some boss album art, too. See:

And watch the video for Divine, nominated for a 2008 Eurovision award:

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Pan Tostado said...

pretty cool mellow version of 'divine':

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