Thursday, August 6, 2009

central park photography

photographer Tod Papageorge documented scenes from central park from 1960-1992. finally, his photographs are published together in a book titled "Tod Papageorge: Passing Through Eden". the sequencing of the half of the book is based on the first six chapters of the genesis. Papageorge explains:

The world, or Eden, or Central Park, is created in the first half-dozen pictures, one for each day of the Creation: Adam appears as a pile of molten dust, then as his radiant self; Eve arrives opposite a picture of bleached branches that, to me, suggests her emergence from Adam’s rib; and on it goes through the snake, the apple, Adam and Eve’s shame, the Expulsion, Cain and Abel, Enoch, and, lost in themselves and the park grass, a few of the generations that follow them. After that, and unlike what in the Bible becomes an indictment of Man so profound that it requires the correction of the Flood, follows what I think of as a long chapter of takes from the human comedy, Manhattan-park-style.

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