Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Better than Safeway

Mpreis is a family-owned chain of grocery stores dotting the Austrian Alps. Next time you're ripping around the 'Bahn, be sure to make a pitstop.

Each of the supermarkets is smartly designed to compliment its surrounding environment, ideally making each shopping experience a little less tedious. Cost inefficiencies aside, I hope someday we will say RIP to cookie-cutter chain stores. Pleeez.

I think people often overlook the shapes and structures with which they interact -- I know I do at least. But when I'm in a place that gets it right, I can tell. It affects my mood. I don't wanna leave.

Mpreis gets it right. Even their website is thoughtfully designed. In the words of Malcolm Cowley, "They do things better in Europe." Amen Mal... and Willkommen bei MPREIS.

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