Thursday, August 6, 2009

alec soth

photographer alec soth of minnesota. a popular go-to fashion photographer for W, Vogue, (ie, karl lagerfeld lets Soth photograph him and his designs, so he's pretty established now). his photographs seem to focus on aging, falling in and out of love, and suburban america. a lot of his portraits are revealing and poignant (the ones i didn't post on here are even MORE revealing, if you get my drift, so i thought i'd save those for your private and more personal viewing pleasure).

a great backdrop for a suburban dance party. who wouldn't like to wake up on that couch?

the kind of books you expect to find in an old cabin or at a garage sale

kinda want to be this woman when i am old

a fitting andy goldsworthy portrait.

when in doubt, invest in taxidermy.

this reminds me of an emo version of the scene where penny lane is dancing in almost famous

diablo cody (also from MN....sorry for the constant plug but mpls is just so cool)

good morning sunshine. i'm gonna make pancakes.

what a fly album cover this could be:

kids, probably up to no good, in a cemetery

niagra falls (he did an expo on the falls &surrounding areas, with lots of powerful nude portraits)

typifying the minnesota winter scene. every year like 3 ambitious ice fisherman die falling through the ice because they go out before the lake is completely frozen. ice fishing=all day booze fest.

i just really love this.

reminds me of forbidden love and sinful motel affairs


Blizzie B said...

soth is at the national portrait gallery in DC. For an exhibition called Portraiture Now!

andrew said...

thank you , b. love his work - GO mpls!

Tom Dolan said...

The second one from the bottom is strikingly suggestive of a sadder, seedier version of one of Andrew Wyeth's Helga paintings--particularly "On Her Knees" or "Daydream." Excellent photos.

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