Tuesday, March 25, 2008

trembled blossoms

the much anticipated and talked about four-minute animated film from Prada titled "trembled blossoms" illustrated by James Jean.

inspired by wallpaper designs, show spaces, and fabrics to capture the essence of the Prada spring/summer 08 collection. sounds like a load of eurotrash garbage, but its actually quite beautiful. a nymph is born from a flower's nectar. the nymph wanders through a majestic forest and is slowly clothed, stimulating the flower.

available to download for your computer, ipod, or prada phone (i will admit that the "prada phone" and the other prada product placement is a load of eurotrash garbage).

try to ignore that, though, and let yourself enjoy the film for being the four minute decorative piece that it is.

i felt like i was breathing in the air of a greenhouse when i first watched it.

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