Tuesday, March 11, 2008


im doing my work at starbucks in town today and normally i don't come here because a) because i love how indie i feel at rao's or amherst coffee with my mac, b) starbucks music sucks, and lastly (and probably mostly) because starbucks charges you for internet & every other coffee shop gives it to you for free. no but seriously, i came here because i don't have any cash on me & starbucks is the only coffee place in town that takes credit cards. amherst is sooo granola friendly. i just wanted it be known that vampire weekend is playing right now on starbucks radio. good for them they've made it big!

also, can i just say that people that hate on starbucks need to relax because they are a pretty good corporation. i know their over priced trendy eco-friendly products seem wack, but the company is actually pretty legit. i won't go into details but CNN included it in its "companies that make the world a better place" list, and forbes listed it as the 2nd best fortune 500 company to work for. so tell that to the person holding a cup of rao's coffee that, by the way, isn't fair trade coffee, either.

... now they're playing some good motown music, which i must say... i am digging. but usually the music here is absolutely ghastlyyyyyyy

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