Thursday, March 27, 2008

so-me like it hot

I wanted to play around with Busy P,” explains So-Me, as to why portraits are the focus for his new exhibit at Toronto’s Studio Gallery. The 22 prints on display are dominated by various incarnations of Ed Banger patriarch Busy P (Pedro Winter), and So-Me’s obvious muse. “He’s, like, super iconic. He’s very charismatic, very strong, very goofy and tall, and I think he’s just a funny character.”

Canada might seem an unlikely place to make a North American debut, but the choice came from a desire to have a small show at the new Studio Gallery, an intimate space that has hosted infamous and exclusive after-parties for the likes of Daft Punk, Diplo, MSTRKRFT, and those on the Ed Banger label.

When asked about future projects, he says, not laughing, “I should do bed sheets or a movie. The world is full of things to do. I like switching between things, switching fields.

So Me: Portraits” runs from March 21 to May 22 at Studio Gallery 294 College Street, Toronto and is available online at (via KidzbyColette)


Anonymous said...

can i become a contributor...i won't post enough on mine to get me rich and famous, so i figured I'd join the #2 blog

Madamelamb said...

dickie, you have to pass a test first.

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