Friday, March 28, 2008

quidditch match televised @ amherst

just ran into the middlebury quidditch team at valentine. they are here because they played one of the first intercollegiate quidditch matches ever against Amherst at 7:30am. it was televised on the CBS Morning Show, too. I meant to wake up but its really rainy & gross fact, I decided to skip my 10 10am microbio class @ umass because i didnt want to walk 2 mi in the rain...made it to val but then changed my mind and am sitting at val. now its snowing.

apparently middlebury is leading the movement to spread quidditch on the intercollegiate level and playing seven schools in a tour right now. midd won the first two matches, amherst won the third. the amherst team was not experienced people..anyone was allowed to play on the team if they showed up to this meeting yesterday (all our friends were going to go but we missed the meeting).

i walked up to the midd table to ask them about the match, tey told me that the snitch can hit people. in the matches this morning he threw a few people down but there haven't been any epic hits yet. one of the guys, the captain, had a cape and a cane. i hope we can find the footage online in a few days.

wikipedia's description of the rules:

LIVE @ amherst

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