Sunday, March 2, 2008

Overnight with Frank Lloyd Wright

so apparently you can rent out FLW houses and spend a night in them. this woman from the nytimes recounts her experience of sleeping at the Duncan House in Acme, Pa. i like the following quote from the article;

A Frank Lloyd Wright house is like a Japanese garden. No matter where inside it you stand, or which way you turn, the view before your eyes has been planned — and planned to be harmonious and beautiful. To absorb it and try to understand how it was done, you need to move and pause and double back and look around again, stand and sit and maybe lie on the couch. But the usual way to see a Wright house is on a 45-minute or hour-and-a-half guided tour. As a result, Wright admirers have learned to live with frustration.
renting out one of those houses for a night that sounds fantastic. read the article here

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