Thursday, March 13, 2008

organic minimalist bikes

scandinavian minimalist aesthetic & urban functionality fuse together = biomega bike.

The Biomega Philosophy is a part of Biomega's stronghold of ideas. We believe a strong vision and belief is a necessity for any post-millennium company. Conceived by Jens Martin Skibsted in the midst of Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, child of aesthetics and ethics, Biomega's Philosophy is a bastard. A new breed set out to make towns and cities lovelier, beautiful and cleaner places to be. We want to spread the love we put into our bikes to the people who ride them. We believe that a kind osmosis from the bike to the rider takes place, spreading our feel for quality and originality.

When Biomega decided to make these marvelous new machines for our towns and cities, new values had to be produced and implemented: "New Tech, New Ethics and New Aesthetics" was Biomega's immediate response. It came naturally to fuse the innovation and urban commuting part and a set of new and simple product principles:

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