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motorcycle air bag

BMW patents bike air bags

09 December 2001 00:00. by MotorcycleNews.com

BMW has patented a new airbag system and is planning to fit it to its bikes.

It uses ultrasound (the guidance system dolphins excel at) to build up a picture of where and how the rider is sat on the bike. If he or she is flung forward too quickly, or to one side, the patent claims the new system can fire an airbag in a way to catch them safely. BMW also claims the system will prevent injuries caused by the firing of the airbag and make the decision whether to fire or not.

BMW Marketing Manager Kevin Pascoe, said: " It’s all about safety. It might be called boring by some, but we’re already pretty innovative with our bikes, particularly with safety aspects such as the suspension and ABS braking. I can’t comment on this new system, but considering BMW’s strong stance on safety it’s hardly surprising. "

The idea of airbags on bikes isn’t a new one. Honda has been developing an airbag system for years on its range of Advanced Safety Vehicle demonstration machines.

Kit makers Dainese and Spidi have also worked air bags deployed from your clothing.

Can you see this saving lives? How much would you pay for it as an optional extra? Have your say by following the link, right.

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Ajlouny said...

It would be nice for an all body airbag on a motorcycle. When are they going to come out with that one.

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