Thursday, March 6, 2008

the cigarette.

an english professor at amherst frequently recalls the dramatic presence the cigarette once possessed when present in the scene of a film. as the cigarette slowly became a socially unacceptable "enemy", and faster burning rolling papers replaced slower burning rolling papers to prevent forest fires, a important constituent of film aesthetic died. this book documents the societal impact of the cigarette, pre-cancer awareness.

description in the book:

Can you imagine Groucho Marx without a cigar? Do you remember that a few years ago smoking was allowed in airplanes? Can you tell when New York stopped smoking?

In the not so distant past, posing seductively with a cigarette was de rigueur for Hollywood types. How many celebrities today dare to even hold one? No Smoking is a tribute to the 20th century, a century that created, promoted and glorified the cigarette and then suddenly declared war on it.

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