Friday, March 21, 2008

battle at kruger

this video came up at dinner tonight and my dad hadn't seen it... the footage is quite spectacular.

taken at kruger national park in south africa. i've actually had the pleasure of both being there and witnessing ferociously awesome lion kills but this one takes the cake & eats it too. it was taken by amateur photographers ( i believe). i know a national geographic special about the making of the video was in the mix when the video first came out a year or two ago.

a synopsis, to entice you to watch the entire video because it is 8 minutes and 23 seconds. and trust me, there are a mere handful of people who i trust enough to actually watch all the youtube links they send me. there is nothing worse than a youtube upset...

so this pride of lions attacks a herd of water buffalo. one gets caught, the lions are attacking it, it falls into the nearby crocodile infested pond. crocs try to steal the water buffalo away from the pride of lions, then the herd of water buffalo come back to get their little buddy.

turns into a sort of epic natural spectacle, the type that makes you want to dig your teeth into the raw flesh of an animal. the type that i had anticipated 1000 BC to own (rotten tomatoes confirmed otherwise)

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