Sunday, March 30, 2008

art is everywhere

SerraGlia. a charismatic italian artEEst. a lot of pensive art, some goldsworthy-y nature art, and much more. Read his manifesto below.

Principles of Art:
The "art" is the capacity to understand and express the society. A good "artist" is someone who has a fervent imagination and an excellent technique for express-oneself. The "art" is for everyone and everyone can make it, but only a few of them, in reality, have a free-time for imagination. If all of us could have less job-time and more free-time for imagination we would lose all the meanings of the word "art".

Scope of SerraGlia:
Today the society offers a very little-free time to stimulate the imagination. To change the society one must have imagination. A man without the imagination is a death man, a society without the imagination can not evolve (lacks evolution). SerraGlia is a kind of process to create a favourable c
limate of sensibility to all pedestrians. Today is fundamental that every works communicates a message: this is the first condicion to arouse the sensation repressed by the present society.

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andrew wetzel said...

Good stuff... Makes you think.

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