Thursday, February 7, 2008

...yes michael?

so i just realized michael jackson has his videos on lock downnn and his youtube user name is actually "his people" or maybe him, and he's blocked the embedded feature so can't embed the video on here. but there are links below. check out the comments and responses at the youtube link. he has some dedicated fans, and haters. but both seem very fastidious.

there are two versions of THRILLER.

1st, titled Michael Jackson's Thriller made the Guinness book of world records for the most expensive music video at $800,000 us dollars on december 2nd, 1983. it has over 6 million views on youtube. it is 13:37 minutes of sheer brilliance (the costumes/unorthodox dance moves). thriller led MJ to hold the #1 spot for 37 weeks and stay in the top 10 for 80 straight weeks. MJ's publicist says......

"Introducing the "robot" and the "moonwalk" into the international lexicon of clubland dance moves via the pulsing sounds of Thriller, Michael Jackson revolutionized all aspects of mainstream pop culture -- from radio airwaves to the newly emerging art form of music videos -- becoming the world's most popular entertainer in the process."

take note of the disclaimer at the beginning of the video that reads
"Due to my strong personal convictions i wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult." -Michael Jackson

MJ insisted that the disclaimer be incorporated into this video later in life when he was rolling off his rocker and becoming one with the world and children.

the second thriller music video is a shorter cut version of the video that was similar but takes place at a movie theater. you'll recognize it.

here's the first.

and the second.
(MJ hasn't posted this for some reason so you have to watch it on

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