Saturday, February 23, 2008

who is cindy mccain?

Cindy McCain grew up "in affluent circumstances" in Phoenix, AZ. in high school she was a cheerleaders, in 1968 she was a rodeo queen, and then she studied special education at USC.

she met McCain at a military convention in Hawaii. he was 18 years older. McCain was married at the time but their relationship flourished quickly resulting in McCain divorcing his then-wife to marry Cindy. they have four children, one of whom is adopted. in the 2000 presidential primaries George W. accused McCain of having lied about the adoption claiming that his Bangladeshi born daughter was the product of an affair (yikessss).

Cindy has always supported her husbands political aspirations and has involved herself in substantial charity work.

in the late 1980's Cindy developed an addiction to opioid pain medications after having spinal surgery. the addiction lasted a total of three years and required an intervention on the behalf of her parents after finding out that she was stealing pain medications from AVMT. she now speaks openly about it hoping her words will encourage others to overcome their substance abuse problems.

several people working on the McCain campaign have been rumored to develop crushes on her. all in all, she's a babe and intelligent. so she's definitely a great catch for McCain both personally and politically.

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Anonymous said...

i guess if you're addicted to pain meds your best bet is to tell people to not get addicted to pain meds and you're off the hook.

either way i'd do her

check please.

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